Montag, 18.11.2019 / 12:43 Uhr

Vom Bagdad nach Teheran

Aus dem Netz

Demonstranten aus dem Irak haben heute diese Botschaft in den Iran versendet:

"From Al Tahrir Square - Baghdad

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You are witnessing nowadays the Iraqi demonstrators, who are revolting against their government, shouting loud slogans that might sometimes seem against Iran.

It is crucial for us that you should be aware of the fact that we Iraqi People only have a genuine love for you.

Our problem is with the Iranian sectarian regime who backs the all corrupt politicians, criminals, and murderers in our current government

Our ambition and only purpose is to get rid of our corrupted rulers, we are also looking forward to strong and stable relations with our Iranian neighbours who deserve a just and civilised government.

Long Live the people

Your Iraqi Brothers and Sisters"