Donnerstag, 28.09.2023 / 22:32 Uhr

Immer mehr Menschen aus Afghanistan fliehen in den Iran

Mit Sorge betrachten iranische Offizielle, dass immer mehr Menschen aus Afghanistan in den Iran fliehen:

The rising number of Afghans in Iran is causing a divide among officials unsure whether the presence poses a threat or an opportunity for the regime.

In recent weeks, videos of large numbers of Afghans passing Iran’s eastern borders have surfaced, adding to speculation about the authorities’ intent to increase the populations of immigrants from Afghanistan in a bid to boost the shrinking population and bolster regime support via an elaborate incentive scheme.  

There are multiple estimates regarding the size of the Afghan diaspora population in Iran, but precise numbers are scarce due to Afghans' reluctance to participate in official counts and registrations, stemming from concerns about potential deportation and other repercussions. Most are economic migrants, hoping to earn money to send back to families in Afghanistan in a collapsing economy, while filling jobs once done by the huge swathes of Iranians fleeing the regime.

On Wednesday, lawmaker Mohsen Pirhadi stated, "The matter of Afghan migration to Iran should not be exclusively seen through a negative or problematic lens, nor should it be regarded as an undesirable social phenomenon."

A monthly magazine in Tehran recently published an article suggesting that Afghan migrants are considering running for seats in the Iranian parliament. The magazine argued that "given their growing population, Afghans believe they should be entitled to a share of rights and privileges in this country."